Maria has worked on a variety of copywriting projects. Here are a few of her favorites:

Clara Hayward Postcard Project

UK-based travel photographer Julian Love came to designer Peter Clark at Wonderful Machine looking for help to promoting his latest personal project. Centered around the early 1930’s, his new work follows the the journey of Clara Hayward from London to Istanbul.

Peter and Maria first brainstormed ideas before landing on vintage style letters and postcards. Peter created handmade envelopes, letters, and professionally printed photographs that would be shipped to over 200 creatives across the US and UK. Three email promos were also created to follow up the print campaign that would direct people to his blog site, which Peter also designed.

Maria wrote the copy for the letters, email promos, along with the photo captions.
Project featured in the No Plastic Sleeves article, “Vintage Nostalgia for Julian Love’s Latest Promo.”

Dom Romney Portfolio Introduction

Design: Amanda Friend
Photo Editing: Sean Stone
Copy: Maria Luci

Read more about the making of the portfolio here.

Welcome to the portfolio of automotive photographer, Dom Romney. Hope you Enjoy the ride!

But before we start, a little about Dom… Dom Romney grew up in the UK countryside, far from pretty much anything, and started photographing when he was just eight. Since that first snapshot, Dom hasn’t looked back. He sold his first photograph at the tender age of 14, which really wasn’t all that long ago. You see, Dom is still quite young. I won’t say his age, as that would be impolite, but I can say that he’s accomplished quite a lot in a little time. Dom now lives—and photographs—in the fast lane. When he isn’t shooting cars, or motorcycles, or athletes, he’s jumping out of planes and winning awards. Photo awards that is, not skydiving ones. Dom was named a finalist in the Picture Editors’ Guild Young Photographer of the Year Award and has twice won the Renault MSA Young Motor Sport Photographer of the Year. Dom really enjoys what he does and hopes to do more of it for you.

Now the photos! And, if one catches your eye, feel free to tear it out. Yes, that’s right. It’s a book you’re encouraged to rip apart. Dom isn’t really all that into books anyway. So have at it…

Wonderful Machine Print Mailers

Design: Peter Clark
Copy: Maria Luci



James Horan E-mailer Promo

Design: Amanda Friend
Copy: Maria Luci

An Irishman Down Under

After finally escaping rain soaked Ireland, photographer James Horan set up shop in sunny Australia. When he’s not shooting quirky photos, James explores Sydney by bicycle (or, he would, if he had a one), pumps iron at the gym, and eats plenty of cake—just not all at the same time. Formerly a newspaper photographer, James broke free from photojournalism’s constraints and now produces lighthearted travel, portraiture and lifestyle photography for a wide variety of clients.

James describes himself as a crazy Irishman who’s quick on his feet, wears odd socks, and is lucky to still have all his limbs intact (apparently not something all crazy Irishmen can say). Oh, and he’s a fantastic photographer with just two wishes in life: to shoot for you… and to have a full head of hair.

James is now based in Sydney, Australia (where women glow and men plunder) and would love for you to grant one of his wishes… either would be fine.

Adriana Mullen Email Copy

Design: Amanda Friend
Copy: Maria Luci

I love sugar, spice and just about everything nice; when it comes to food that is. Growing up in Sardinia, I fell in love with fresh ingredients and simple desserts. As a chef, my passion for real, homemade products grew and helped focus my photography. Now, I concentrate on capturing the sweet, rich, ooey-gooey goodness from local markets, regional restaurants and organic bakeries. Whether it’s shooting complex cakes or tasty treats, I get the job done with flavor and richness and I’d love to photograph your next sweet assignment—be it of the molasses, sugar or turbinado variety.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s food. Real food. Growing up in Sardinia, I fell in love with fresh ingredients and simple dishes. This passion for authentic food and local products inspired me to become a chef, and consequently, a food photographer—one who’s dedicated to highlighting local markets, organic produce and fair trade goods. Whether I’m shooting simple fruits, full table settings or bold brews, my style and use of natural light brings out every rich detail. To me, both cookery and photography are art forms, and I’d love to use my artistic talents on your next project—be it tall, grande or venti-sized.